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Granny/Spring Show


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Granny in action!

Ramblin Rose at the 2002 Spring Celebration
Go Granny Go!

I would like to thank everyone that helped me with Granny at the Spring Celebration. We didn't get a ribbon, but that was ok. I thought that she made an awesome show, and that was worth it to me. Hopefully, we'll be back in September to give it one more try. I would especially like to thank Ailshie stables for hauling Granny to the show for me, and Barron stables for letting me use my favorite saddle. A special thanks to Josh Baxter for an awesome shoe job! Most importantly, I want to thank my horse, for giving me all she had, and making a great ride! Please watch for us at Tennessee State in White Pine, August 8 thru 10. We would appreciate your support!